The Cutting Edge

The tech that's coming in the next 12 to 18 months


Tune into the next wave of technology, discover what’s coming down the line and inform your 5-10 year strategy. Here’s where we explore how the compute fabric is changing, from chips to hardware via software and data use. What are the most promising applications of these new technologies, and where is it all heading?


Cutting Edge: Solving the World’s Greatest Problems with the World’s Deepest Tech

With so many challenges and opportunities ahead, we need to harness the world’s most cutting edge technologies to affect the landscape positively. There is scientific and tech brilliance emerging ...
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CogX Festival 2021

3 Days 36 Concurrent Stages 1,200 Global speakers 9,000 Global Leaders 14,000 1:1 meetings 44,000 Registered Attendees 172,000+ Session Streams 531 Hours of Content In 2020, we brought together world ...
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