The HR & Ed Tech Revolution

Powerful tools for learning and managing people


AI is powering a revolution in both HR and learning. The recent lockdown has driven widespread adoption of education technology, we’ll be looking at best practice remote learning courses, digital versus hybrid tools and how the classroom is transforming. And from hiring, to people management to performance, AI tools have the power to fundamentally change the way the HR function operates. Learn how here.


Jobs & Education in the 21st Century: The Bigger Picture

As Winston Churchill so famously once said, ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’. If we’re not inspired to think about a reformation of the education and jobs system worldwide after this crisis ...
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CogX Festival 2021

3 Days 36 Concurrent Stages 1,200 Global speakers 9,000 Global Leaders 14,000 1:1 meetings 44,000 Registered Attendees 172,000+ Session Streams 531 Hours of Content In 2020, we brought together world ...
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