Web 3.0 and Decentralisation

Addressing global challenges with distributed technology


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The urgency has never been more apparent: with climate change accelerating every minute of every day; infectious diseases reaching into every corner of the Earth; and human rights, clean water, and education still being a luxury for some of the most vulnerable members of our society, we need to rethink the very basis of how we organise, make decisions, and structure the world’s governance. Privacy preservation and adaptive organisations have never been more important.

With the emergence of Web 3.0 technologies, we are able to organise in unprecedented ways, and rebuild our society and economy from ground up.

Here, we will discuss topics like decentralised justice system, technology-powered UBI, and accelerated vaccine discovery with the world’s leading voices in each field.

“CogX was a fantastic event. It brought together some of the most creative and interesting ideas, people, technologies and talks of any I’ve been to, with well-designed tracks and great interaction between them.”

Danny Zuckerman
Co-Founder and COO at 3Box



Co-founder, Philosophy of Computation / Berkeley Panel

David Koepsell, JD, PHD

ConsenSys Health Panel

Emma Bluemke

Lead of Partnerships, OpenMined Panel

Heather Flannery

Founder & CEO, ConsenSys Health Panel

Puja Ohlhaver

CEO, ClearPath Surgical Panel

Dr. Alex Cahana

Chief Medical Officer & EMEA Market Leader, ConsenSys Health Panel

Robert Habermeier

Co-Founder, Polkadot Panel

Michael Sanders

Chief Storyteller & Co-founder, Horizon Games Keynote

Helena Flack

Co-Founder, EthBerlin Fireside

Priyanka Desai

VP, Operations, OpenLaw Panel

Samantha Yap

Founder & CEO, YAP Global Keynote


Aragon Panel

René Andres

Investment Manager European Investment Fund Panel

Marcos Christos Veremis

Managing Director, Investment Evanston Capital Management Panel

Scott Eaton

Artist Panel

Patrick Morgan

Artist Panel

Luke Duncan

Founder 1Hive Panel

Sam Williams

CEO & Co-Founder Arweave Keynote

Bradley Miles

CEO & Co-Founder Roll Panel

Evgeny Yurtaev

Co-founder & CEO Zerion Keynote

Dominik Schmid

Developer, Raiden brainbot technologies Keynote

Justin Drake

Researcher Ethereum Foundation Panel

Marten Mickos

CEO HackerOne Keynote

Kenneth Cukier

Senior Editor The Economist Fireside

Rune Christensen

Founder MakerDAO Panel

James Vincent

CEO & Founder FNDR Keynote

Trent McConaghy

Co-Founder Ocean Protocol Keynote

Tom Pocock

CEO Aztec Keynote

Tim Draper

Founder Draper Associates Panel

Szymon Sypniewicz

CEO Ramp Keynote

Sebastien Couture

Co-Founder & Host Epicenter Podcast Panel

Santiago Siri

Founder Democracy Earth Panel

Ryan Selkis

CEO Messari Panel

Richard Muirhead

Managing Partner Fabric Ventures Panel

Nicolas Julia

CEO & Co-Founder Sorare Keynote

Nicholas Percoco

Chief Security Officer Kraken Panel

Muneeb Ali

CEO Blockstack Keynote

Mona Isa

Founder Avantgarde Keynote

Min Teo

Partner ConsenSys Labs Investments Panel

Mik Naayem

Chief Business Officer Axiom Zen and CryptoKitties Keynote

Max Mersch

General Partner Fabric Ventures Panel

Matt Luongo

CEO Keep Network Keynote

Luis Cuende

Founder Aragon Panel

Lucas Vogelsang

CEO Centrifuge Keynote

Leanne Kemp

CEO Everledger Keynote

Lea Schmitt

Product Partnerships Centrifuge Keynote

Kevin Owocki

CEO Gitcoin Panel

Karan Arora

Chief Commercial Digital Officer Astra Zeneca Panel

Jutta Steiner

CEO Parity (Polkadot) Keynote

Julien Thevenard

Associate Fabric Ventures Panel

Julien Bouteloup

Founder Stake Capital Panel

Jennifer Schenker

Founder & Editor-in-Chief The Innovator Panel

Itamar Lesuisse

CEO Argent Keynote

Illia Polosukhin

Co-Founder Near Protocol Panel

Hugh Karp

CEO Nexus Mutual Keynote

Harry Halpin

CEO Nym Panel

Erik Trautman

CEO Near Protocol Panel

Eleftherios Diakomichalis

CEO Oscoin Panel

Steven Waterhouse

CEO Orchid Keynote

Demian Brener

CEO OpenZeppelin Panel

Cory Doctorow

Science Fiction Author & Activist Panel

Ben Goertzel

CEO SingularityNET Keynote

Benedict Evans

Venture Partner, Entrepreneur First, former Partner Andreessen Horowitz Keynote

Andy Bromberg

Co-Founder & President Coinlist Panel

Anastasiya Belyaeva

Partner, Venture Platform Fabric Ventures Keynote

Alex Masmej

Founder Rocket Keynote

Yaya Fanusie

Adjunct Senior Fellow Formerly at CIA (Economy & Counterterrorism) Panel

Nick Neuman

CEO Casa Keynote

Micha Benoliel

CEO Nodle Panel

Liz Steininger

CEO Least Authority Panel

Kerman Kohli

Crypto Immutable Panel

Joon Ian Wong

Managing Director Coindesk Panel

Jonathan Yeo

Artist Keynote

Jonathan Wolf

CEO & Co-Founder ZOE Panel

Jemima Kelly

Journalist, FT Alphaville The Financial Times Panel

Jameson Lopp

CTO Casa Panel

Anthony Painter

Chief Research and Impact Officer RSA Panel

Adan Sanchez de Pedro

CTO Witnet Keynote

Alexandra Mousavizadeh

Partner, Tortoise Media & Director of Tortoise Intelligence Tortoise Media Panel

Husayn Kassai

CEO & Co-Founder Onfido Keynote

Laura Shin

Journalist & Podcaster, Forbes and Unchained & Unconfirmed Panel

Smart Concrete

Stage: 10:20 - 11:20


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