Why CxOs Should Attend CogX

Society is at a critical crossroads. While we must embrace innovation and change brought about by AI and other emerging technologies, we must do so in a safe and responsible way.

How do you stay on top of the constantly evolving world of technology? Where do you get your insight? Have you formed your AI strategy?

Join us at the CogX CxO Summit. Hear from the world’s brightest minds – your fellow peers, unicorn founders, leading scientists and politicians. CxO summit will explore the lessons learnt in developing an AI strategy, where the biggest wins can be found, and how it will transform the shape of your organisation, all under the Chatham House Rule

The CXO Summit pass includes:

– Access the private CxO lounge for the CxO Summit- join a private gathering of CxOs in the CxO lounge for debate, discussion and the chance to meet with founders of the hottest rising companies. Hear from world-class innovators and strategists and learn how they are tackling enterprise transformation today.

– Full access to the CogX conference – 500 Speakers. 150 exhibitors. 12 Topics. Discover how AI and emerging tech will impact government, society, and industry.

– Awards gala on the 10th June – CogX awards celebrates the innovators and practitioners in AI and emerging technologies, from Financial Services and Supply Chain, to Climate Change and Fashion.

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