7 Web 3.0 & Decentralised Future

Web 3.0 combines blockchain and AI to safeguard individual privacy, while giving birth to a new generation of businesses.


Web 3.0 is combining blockchain, AI, and edge computing to bring back individual privacy, while giving birth to a new generation of businesses. Together with Fabric Ventures, we explore the state of blockchain development, and look at the impact of Web 3.0 on industries, political systems, and society.


Jennifer Farrell Senhaji

Business Development Maker DAO

Teck Chia

Partner Binance Labs

Kate Beecroft

Head of Community DAOStack

Justin Hunter

Founder Graphite

Marten Kaevats

National Digital Advisor Government of Estonia

Des Martin

Business Development, EMEA Brave Software

Jacob Stenum Czepluch

Developer Brainbot Labs

Jutta Steiner

Founder Parity Communications

Rand Hindi


Vinay Gupta

CEO Mattereum

Marc Bhargava

Co-Founder & President Tagomi

Dillon Chen

CEO & Co-founder Edgeware

Andrew Trask

Leader OpenMined

Paul Veradittakit

Partner Pantera Capital

Marcos Veremis

Cambridge Associates

Irene Lopez

Founding Team Member Ocean Protocol

Santiago Siri

Democracy Earth

Simona Pop

CMO & Co-Founder Bounties Network

Jack du Rose

CEO & Co-founder Colony

Max Boonen


Charles Hamel

Crypto lead Opera

Phil Chen

EXODUS Project Lead HTC Exodus

Tim Ogilvie

CEO Staked

Rob Holmes

Key Account Leader Streamr

Franz Pfister

CEO & Founder Digital Helix

Hugh Karp

Founder Nexus

Arjun Hassard


Dimtri De Jonghe

Head of Research Ocean Protocol

Peter Czaban

Web 3 Foundation

Julien Bouteloup


Jamie Bartlett

Senior Fellow Demos

Maex Ament


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