7 Web 3.0 & Decentralised Future Stage

Web 3.0 combines blockchain and AI to safeguard individual privacy, while giving birth to a new generation of businesses.


Web 3.0 is combining blockchain, AI, and edge computing to bring back individual privacy, while giving birth to a new generation of businesses. Together with Fabric Ventures, we explore the state of blockchain development, and look at the impact of Web 3.0 on industries, political systems, and society.


Jaya Klara Brekke

Political Economy Researcher Durham University

Keith Taylor

COO Madeeba

Olivier Roussy Newton

Partner Latent Capital

Damir Bandalo

Partner Stake Zero

Julien Thevenard

Investment Associate Fabric Ventures

Andrew Graham

Distinguished Engineer & Executive IT Architect IBM Global Markets

Jim Duffy

CEO Tracr

Ilona Simpson

Head of Cross Functional Services (CIO) Innogy

Ruby Saharan

Senior Medical Advisor, RWE, Oncology Novartis

Kosten Metreweli

Venture Partner Fabric Ventures

Emmanuel Marchal

Managing Director ConsenSys Labs

Sunny Lu

CEO VeChain

Stephen Kelso

Head of Europe Galaxy Digital

Peter Holsgrove

Founder ArtxN Alliance

Simon Cowell

Head of Corporate Development Bitstamp

Adam Broomberg

Artist Broomberg & Charnarin

Sabine Azancot

Lead Partner IBM Digital Strategy

Nare Vardanyan

Co-Founder Ntropy

Danny Zuckerman

Co-founder 3Box

Andreas Wallendahl

Strategic Initiatives & Product Developmenbt ConsenSys Labs

Alex Shelkovnikov

Co-founder & Partner Semantic Ventures

Jonathan Ward

Head of Research Fetch AI

Irene Lopez de Vallejo

Founding Team Member Ocean Protocol

Will Harborne

Founder & Strategy Ethfinex

Joon Ian Wong

Managing Director for Europe and Asia Coindesk

Dimitri De Jonghe

Head of Research Ocean Protocol

Christina Frankopan

Venture Partner Fabric Ventures

Radouane Oudrhiri

CTO Eagle Genomics

Evgeny Yurtaev

CEO Zerion

Maria Paula Fernandez

External Relations Golem Factory

Ruth Catlow

Co-director Furtherfield

Ben Livshits

Chief Scientist Brave Software

Sean Rowan

Co-founder & CTO Flare

Piotr Chromiec

Senior Software Engineer Golem Factory

Richard Muirhead

Founding Managing Partner Fabric Ventures

Jarrell James

Ecosystem Growth Lead Keep Network

Brittany Laughlin

Investor Relations Blockstack

Yann Ranchere

Partner Anthemis

Max Mersch

General Partner Fabric Ventures

David Fauchier

CIO Cambrial Capital

Nancy Fechnay

Co-Founding Investor BedrockX

Eleftherios Diakomichalis

Researcher Oscoin

Jamie Burke

CEO & Founder Outlier

Nicole Zhu

Senior Developer Polkadot

Yaniv Tal

Project Lead Graph protocol

Thomas Pocock

CEO & Co-founder Aztec

Chris Hobcroft

Independent DeFi & DAO Researcher

Stefan George

CTO & Co-founder Gnosis

Arthur Breitman

Founder Tezos

Anastasiya Belyaeva

Co-Founder & Partner Fabric Ventures

Jennifer Farrell Senhaji

Business Development Maker DAO

Teck Chia

Partner Binance Labs

Kate Beecroft

Head of Community DAOStack

Justin Hunter

Founder Graphite

Itamar Lesuisse

CEO & Co-founder Argent

Marten Kaevats

National Digital Advisor Government of Estonia

Isabel Woodford

Journalist The Block

Paul Warren

CPO Keyless.io

Jacob Stenum Czepluch

Developer Brainbot Labs

Jutta Steiner

Founder Parity Communications

Rand Hindi

CEO & Co-founder Snips.AI

Vinay Gupta

CEO Mattereum

Marc Bhargava

Co-Founder & President Tagomi

Andrew Trask

Leader OpenMined

Ewa Abel

Investment Manager European Investment Fund

Santiago Siri

Founder Democracy Earth

Simona Pop

CMO & Co-Founder Bounties Network

Min Teo

Executive Director Consensys

Jack du Rose

CEO & Co-founder Colony

Max Boonen


Charles Hamel

Crypto lead Opera

Tim Ogilvie

CEO Staked

Rob Holmes

Head of Partnerships Streamr

Franz Pfister

CEO & Founder Connected Life

Jeremy Welch

CEO & Founder Casa

Szymon Sypniewicz

CEO & Co-founder Ramp Network

Hugh Karp

Founder Nexus

Arjun Hassard

Head of Product NuCypher

Alex Gluchowski

Co-founder Franklin

Peter Czaban

Executive Director Web 3 Foundation

Julien Bouteloup

CEO & Founder Stake Capital

Maex Ament

CEO & Co-founder Centrifuge