Come and hear from our incredible speakers as they discuss the impact of AI, the ethical considerations, getting from lab to live and much more.


Impact Stage

Leaders look at the future of AI and emerging technology to explore the impact on business, government and society.

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Ethics Stage

How do we deploy AI responsibly? What are the unintended consequences and what values do we need to uphold?

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Future of Work & Education Stage

AI transforms how we work, learn and develop. How can HR executives embrace new tools? And how will they change education?

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Innovation, Investment & the Economy Stage

Investors, economists and founders explore how AI is changing financial services, the economy and investing strategies.

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Cutting Edge Stage

Diving into the AI hardware, software and wetware that will change the nature of science in the next 5-10 years.

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Lab to Live Stage

Tales from the commercial frontiers of AI, where proofs of concept become case studies and predictions become results.

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Web 3.0 & Decentralised Future Stage

Web 3.0 combines blockchain and AI to safeguard individual privacy, while giving birth to a new generation of businesses.

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The Alan Turing Research Stage

The Alan Turing Institute gathers academics and researchers to discuss developments from R&D labs across the globe.

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Health Stage

Digital blockbusters, advanced medical imaging, neuroscience, patient-centric care and more - How AI is changing healthcare.

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Canal Stage

How is AI changing the way the life of our planet, our cities and our society for today and tomorrow?

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