Charles-Edouard Bouee


Roland Berger

About Charles-Edouard

Charles-Edouard Bouée joined Roland Berger in 2001 and became the CEO since 2018. Prior to joining Roland Berger, he worked as VP for an American strategy consultancy in Paris from 1997 to 2001. He began his career as an investment banker (M&A and corporate finance) at Société Générale in London.

Charles-Edouard has authored a number of books, such as “China’s Management Revolution – Spirit, Land, Energy”; ”Footprint Management: Leadership in Times of Change”; “La Chute de l’Empire humain”; and “Confucius et les automates”.

Charles-Edouard holds a Master of Science from Ecole Centrale de Paris (ECP), an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Paris (Université Paris Sud XI).