Derek Haoyang Li

Founder & Chief Education Technology Scientist

Squirrel AI

About Derek

Derek Haoyang Li is the Founder and Chief Education Technology Scientist at Squirrel AI Learning, the top 20 AI-Unicorn in China. He is the first-prize winner of Chinese Mathematical Olympiad. He was selected into the most prestigious Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Computer Science Experimental Program in high school. As a serial entrepreneur, he co-founded the first education company listed in China’s A-shares market. He was awarded “the Top 30 AI-Entrepreneur in China.” Derek also created several ingenious educational innovations in the world, “Concepts on Nano-scaled knowledge Components”, “AI-Model-Adapted Learning-Skills-Decomposition Methods”, “Reconstructing Knowledge Space Theory (KST) with Students’ Reasons for Mistakes”, “Algorithms on Calculating the Relevance of Probability between Non-relevant Knowledge Components.” Derek Haoyang Li has been frequently invited to speak at World-renowned conferences and summits such asTechCrunch Disrupt, Singularity University Global Summit and AI Summit. Several of his speeches can be viewed here.