Dharmash Mistry



About Dharmash

At Lakestar, Dharmash’s interests are in AI and machine learning, fintech and consumer. He led Lakestar’s investments in Revolut, FiveAI, Blockchain.com, Amuse and Entrepreneur First. Dharmash has been an entrepreneur, group MD of a listed company and has sat on private and public boards.Dharmash moved on to Boston Consulting Group and later became Group Managing Director and Executive Board Member of EMAP. While at Balderton Capital he focused on board activities including Lovefilm (Amazon), KupiVip (Russian e-commerce), Mog (Apple Music) and Tictal (SaaS e-commerce).Dharmash was the Founder and CEO of Blow LTD. He was on the boards of Dixons plc, Hargreaves Lansdown plc and the BBC Executive Board and BBC Commercial Holdings Board.