Gary Gauba

Founding & MD

CXO Fund

About Gary

Gauba is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about innovation
and entrepreneurship. Most recently, Gauba launched The CxO
Fund, focused on early stage investment (seed and pre-seed) and
curating companies through close working relationships with
several top University in the US. The CxO Fund investment thesis
revolves around three key verticals: DeepTech, Healthtech, and
Fintech. These verticals and our thesis will evolve based upon the
expertise in the fund – i.e. the CxO investors that are
predominantly Former and current senior executives from Fortune
500 companies (100+)
Prior to founding the CXO Fund, Gauba was President and CERO at CenturyLink – the 2nd
largest U.S. telco, global internet backbone provider.
Entrepreneurship is in Gauba’s DNA and over the past two decades he has boot strapped,
self-funded and successfully exited three companies: Cognilytics, Systech and Softline.
Cognilytics was one of the first companies globally to focus its whole strategy around big data,
machine learning, and AI and was acquired by CenturyLink in 2014. Entrepreneur Magazine in
1997 ranked Softline as the second fastest growing company in the U.S.A. — prior to
acquisition by KPMG.
Gauba is a supporter of several charitable organizations including El’s for Autism, GenYouth
Foundation and sits on the board of Special Olympics. Gauba is also on the board of several
emerging startup companies: TruU, CognitionX, Cogni, Balbix, Coddle as well as Saison,
Michelin 3 star restaurant and on the advisory board of Stanford Institute for Economic Policy
Research (SIEPR) and DocuSign
His hobbies include food and fine wine, golf and powerlifting.