Katherine Oliver


Bloomberg Associates

About Katherine

Katherine Oliver, a recognised leader in media, entertainment and technology sectors. Katherine oversees the media and digital strategies portfolio, advising global cities on economic development and public communications strategies, while helping them harness the power of media and technology to improve government services. Katherine also serves as an advisor to Bloomberg L.P. as well as a range of cultural and non-profit organisations on strategies for business development, content creation and marketing.

As New York’s Commissioner of Media; Entertainment for 12 years, Katherine drove the City’s support of the tech sector and launched NYC Digital, a new city agency created in 2010 to realise the full integration of the City’s varied digital platforms and the full utilisation of technology and social media to
foster a responsive and modern government for New York City’. She appointed the first-ever Chief Digital Officer for a city, and oversaw the development and delivery of New York City’s
first digital roadmap outlining a strategy to establish New York City as the world’s leading digital city focusing on infrastructure, education, workforce training and marketing.

Signature initiatives, such as the now globally recognised “Made in NY” marketing and branding campaign, served as a cornerstone in the strategy to secure passage of the first-ever municipal tax credit for the film and TV industry and an opportunity to recognise the growing tech sector in New York City and create a beacon to attract talent from across the United States and the world.