Lara Montefiori

Chief Scientist

Arctic Shores Ltd.

About Lara

Lara Montefiori is Chief Scientist at Arctic Shores, a British Tech start-up leader in Game-Based Assessment. Lara’s training in Psychology began after having first graduated from Fine Arts, and it focused on biological and physiological aspects of Psychology, such as Neuroscience, Behavioural Genetics, and Evolutionary Psychology. She then moved toward Occupational Psychology at a later stage, and started researching about hybrid assessment methods that leveraged both creativity and science. Lara joined Arctic Shores as Chief Scientist from the onset of the company, developing the scientific rationale underlying the existing portfolio, and growing the evidence base that supports its validity. Lara has strong ties with several Universities around the world but especially with University College London, where most of her research takes place. She is a regular speaker at international conferences such as SIOP, EAWOP, ITC, eATP, and the BPS’ DOP conference.