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Martin Adams



About Martin

CEO and Co-Founder of Codec (named Best Artificial Intelligence Company in Marketing and one of the Hottest Artificial Intelligence Startups in Europe by CognitionX and Tech Crunch).  I’ve worked with brands, publishers and a range of  exciting blockchain companies executing token offerings. Drawing on rich experience as both an entrepreneur and a trained lawyer with experience in intellectual property, securities and corporate law to work with blockchain companies and structure intelligent business frameworks and strategies for explosive growth.

I studied at Harvard Law School with the famous street-artist Shepard Fairey, advising on digital issues and defending him in a legal battle over the famous Obama ‘Hope’ poster-  one of the most high profile intellectual property cases ever contested, receiving coverage in the New York Times, Guardian and BBC.

I also founded the Digital Leadership Council and the Social Media Unit at University College London to promote wider discussion at the policy and political level around tech and digital in the UK and Europe, and to make these industries more understood and accessible for school leavers, students and budding entrepreneurs.