Sabine Hauert

Assistant Professor | President

University of Bristol

About Sabine

Sabine Hauert is senior lecturer in Robotics at the University of Bristol in the UK. Her research focusses on designing swarms that work in large numbers (>1000), and at small scales (<1 cm). Applications range from nanomedicine for cancer treatment, to robot swarms in industrial and environmental applications. Discovery of swarm algorithms is powered by bio-inspiration and machine learning. Before joining the University of Bristol, Sabine engineered swarms of nanoparticles for cancer treatment at MIT, and deployed swarms of flying robots at EPFL. Sabine is also leading, and, non-profits dedicated to connecting the robotics and AI communities to the world. As an expert in science communication with 10 years of experience, Sabine is often invited to discuss the future of robotics and AI, including in the journals Science and Nature and at the Royal Society. Her work has been featured in mainstream media including BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The Economist, TEDx, WIRED, and New Scientist.