Siavash Mahdavi

CEO & Founder

Grow Software

About Siavash

Siavash Mahdavi always had two passions in life, technology and music. By age 10, he would sit at his dad’s computer for hours playing, making 3D designs using software developed by a company called Autodesk. His only distraction being his piano practise.
In high school, he founded the Artificial Intelligence society. At university, he studied Mechatronics, an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and went straight into a PhD in Evolutionary Robotics.
Once graduated, Siavash started Within, a company that used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generatively design complex forms that would then be 3D Printed. His software paved the way for a new generation of tools that would fully exploit the new-found design freedoms that 3D Printing offered. Within made breakthroughs in the design of lightweight aircraft components, customised running shoes and even orthopaedic implants.
Within two years, he co-founded his second start up, serving as its CTO, while continuing to run Within. Digital Forming was founded to spearhead mass customisation of consumer products. After raising seed investment from EOS, a 3D Printing industry leader, Digital Forming developed a range of tools that have transformed everyday consumers into co-creators.
Four years later his story came full circle when Autodesk, the 3D modelling software company made an offer to acquire Within for $90m. Siavash spent the next 10 months helping integrate both the tech and the team into Autodesk before moving on.
Siavash currently chairs Digital Forming and Grow (a distributed manufacturing company that was spun out during the Autodesk acquisition).
He has invested in several start up in the AI and manufacturing space.
In 2016 Siavash founded Free_D, a social enterprise, in order to realise the potential, he saw in 3D printing to educate and create employment opportunities to survivors of sex trafficking in India. He also finally combined his passion of music with his expertise in AI and start-ups, founding AI Music. With a diverse team of experts, AI Music plans to shake up the way in which music is created and consumed using AI.