Thomas Kehler

President & Chief Scientist


About Thomas

Tom Kehler is President and Chief Scientist at CrowdSmart, an investment prediction platform. Crowdmsart is dedicated to transforming seed investing and fundamentally improving outcomes for investors and startups; it does this through a validated scientific process integrating human and artificial intelligence. Dr. Kehler has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and CEO. He was CEO of IntelliCorp, the first artificial intelligence company to go public. Dr. Kehler subsequently served as CEO of Connect, one of the first e-commerce companies to go public. Dr. Kehler was also CEO of Recipio, an early social marketing company that enabled large-scale brainstorming between companies and their customers, including LEGO, NBC, and Procter & Gambl. Dr. Kehler then went on to co-found ClearStreet, a fintech company focused on financial inclusion. Dr. Kehler has served on the Information Technology Advisory Board of the National Research Council and on various corporate, academic, and nonprofit boards. Dr. Kehler earned a Ph.D. in applied physics from Drexel University and has published over 20 articles on artificial intelligence, natural language processing and physics.