Vishal Chatrath

CEO & Co-Founder


About Vishal

Vishal is CEO and co-founder of PROWLER.io, a decisions company backed by years of research in machine learning, that exists to help its customers solve their most complex challenges by making better business decisions.

Based in Cambridge, UK, PROWLER.io’s decision-making engine can train on readily available data, adapt to uncertainty and learn from experience.

PROWLER.io is a research-driven organisation. With 64 peer-reviewed papers, 18 patents pending and a team of 45+ PhDs, it is pushing the boundaries of applied Machine Learning.

Vishal was previously Head of Automotive at Nokia, Founder of Chleon Automotive and Chief Business Officer of VocalIQ, which was acquired by Apple in 2015. He is a serial entrepreneur and global manager whose work experience spans fundamental research, manufacturing, operations, R&D, product management, corporate strategy and business development.

Alongside his role at PROWLER.io, Vishal acts as an advisor to PolyAI, BioInception Labs and the QuEEN Programme at the University of Oxford, sharing his insights on Bayesian optimisation.

He has lived in 18 cities from the Equator to the Arctic across six countries. He is a keen barefoot runner and avid reader with a love for the oddball. He seems to have a special attraction to mud and stormy weather.